NAI Summer Flight
     Training Membership


The NAI Summer Flight Academy is situated on the campus of The Alabama Aviation Technical College adjacent to the Ozark Airport. In the clear summer skies of Alabama, a young person will be able to gain valuable college credits while enjoying the wonders of flight following in the footsteps of such great pilots as Charles Chief Anderson, Bessie Coleman, Edward Gibbs, Neal Loving and Charles McGee. Our resident local chapter (Ozark Future Aviators) is a group of twenty-six enthusiastic members and they are anxious to interface with these new potential aviators. You're free to buy book reports and their other projects if you're interested. At you may look through the examples of projects that are already finished.

Under the direction of David Strachan, a former director at the Wingate Aviation Academy in New York, we plan to give this group of young students a foundation in the field of flight training. This intense experience will be delivered by highly qualified professionals in the field of aviation. Each student is expected to extend maximum effort to participate fully and complete the program, which includes performing a solo flight and passing the private pilot written exam. This intense total immersion. Aviation experience is delivered by highly qualified professionals who are competent and demanding volunteers as teachers and Flight Instructors.

A complete and final registration package will be sent upon receipt of application.


Young men and women ages 16 to 19 years, inclusive, who have completed the 9th grade, passed at least a 3rd class FM medical exam and who are physically able to participate in an active outdoor life, may be accepted into the program.

Because of the concentrated nature of our program of Ground and Flight Training we are looking for flight students who will be pre-motivated to become a career pilot. Applicants must have proven records of academic success. Preference will be given to those who have passed the FM Private Pilot Written Exam or have made a solo flight. It is recommended that persons or organizations sponsoring a student consider only those who have demonstrated an interest in an aviation career field. Admission is limited.

Excellent character and good conduct are required of all students. Students who do not make satisfactory aeronautical progress, or fail to behave in accordance with Academy rules or whose actions are otherwise detrimental to Academy objectives, will be summarily expelled from the Academy at the sole discretion of the Academy director. Expelled students, their parents, and/or sponsors will be notified as to cause but will receive no refund of fees.



Edward Gibbs, the founder of NAI, saw a need for an organization to promote the furtherance of Blacks into the field of Aviation. As a result of his vision, NAI became a non-profit, membership controlled organization which was incorporated under the laws of the State of New York on February 17, 1967, and is dedicated to the following aims and objectives:
bullet  To promote Aviation
bullet  To encourage Black youths to remain in school and to enter the field of aviation
bullet  To encourage broader job opportunities and advancement for blacks in Aviation
bullet  To create an awareness and ' on the part of government and industry to the needs, attitudes and interest of Blacks concerning Aviation
bullet  To foster recognition of the contribution to Aviation made by Blacks
bullet  To serve as the voice of Black Airmen universally
bullet  To provide a bond of unity and fraternity among Black Airmen throughout the world